Glassdoor – – Scam – Fraud – Censor – Censorship – Delete

Glassdoor – – Scam – Fraud – Censor – Censorship – Delete


Glassdoor – – Scam – Fraud – Censor – Censorship – Delete


  • The supposedly “transparent” site is a complete scam, a fraud and an utter disservice to its user base that keeps it afloat;


  • Glassdoor in its infancy heyday actually allowed reviewers to post up unimpeded, uncensored and insightful review – now, 9/10 reviews (whether it be for employee feedback, interviews, etc) hardly get posted up;


  • Glassdoor routinely purges and takes down reviews that employers deem to be unflattering or objectionable;


  • How do we know this to a conclusive certainty? Try it out yourselves!


  • Employers pay Glassdoor a fee for job postings; think about this – would Glassdoor allow free users to impugn its paying members? Definitely not;


  • When queried for further disclosure, Glassdoor is downright discourteous, silent and unresponsive;


  • We all can appreciate that patently offensive content (ie. such as libelous and defamatory posts, threats, foul-language, etc) ought to be taken down at once, but censoring critical reviews posted in the most civil manner? Glassdoor has become a complete joke;


  • HR and  PR shills at corporations litter Glassdoor with positive feedbacks and reviews; odd how none of these ever get removed;


  • There are many other alternate sites to Glassdoor that actually appreciate transparency (eg. Vault, Salary, e-Boss Review, etc); and


  • Thank-goodness no sane entity would dream of acquiring a Gestapo site such as Glassdoor, but in the event this worthless crap were to IPO, investors should be fully aware and cognizant of Glassdoor’s nefarious ways before investing in any capital with a ZERO chance of any returns.